Brake fluid flushing

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Mon Nov 27 19:08:32 EST 2000

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quk at wrote:
> > Well, do what you want, but people will be
> flushing their entire system and
> > have 2 liters left over. They'll be able to use
> those other two sealed
> > liters for their next brake job.
> If you follow Audi's instructions you will use all
> three litres.

When you specified the quantities of fluid to be
flushed through a component do you disconnect the
fitting at the outlet of that component and flush
until clean?

I don't think mine has ever been properly flushed and
I've already had internal problems at the rear of the
system.  Calipers gunked up internally in the brake
fluid passages.

Inquiring minds want to know
Jim Accordino

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