Downshift linkage on 91 100?

Marty Hadden audimoose at
Tue Nov 28 11:20:21 EST 2000

A few weeks back, someone posted about tightening up a loosened downshift 
linkage on their Type 44 100.  I looked for this on my mom's 91 100, to help 
her out, and couldn't find it.  I found no cables or anything from the 
throttle area back down into the tranny area.  Her car has been revving very 
high, and won't downshift.  She has the 3-spd auto tranny.  Car idles 
normally, but is up around 4000 rpm at 55-60 mph, any higher speed drives 
the rpms up to around 5k, and higher I haven't tried yet. (not going to, 
either)  I am not sure if it stuck in 1st or 2nd, my guess would be 2nd.  
She can't afford to take out to the Audi guy, but I'm not sure how much more 
help I can be to her.  The car is a little over two years in her posession, 
and the ATF has never been changed since she's had the car.  I'll plan to do 
this for her when home at Christmas time, but that may not solve the 
problem.  Any other ideas or suggestions from anyone?  I steered her away 
from Aamco and the like, until after I've consulted this wealthy bucket of 
Audi info!

Thanks and much appreciated,
Marty H
86 5KS Avant
87.5 5KS (rip)
88 5KS (rip)
91 100 (mom's)
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