charging problem, replacement radio?

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Tue Nov 28 11:33:41 EST 2000

Hairy green toads from Mars made jos1 at say:

> I have a peculiar charging problem on my '89 100Q: neither digital nor
> analog gauge show any charge from cold start before approx 3500rpm --
> after hitting this rpm range it charges fine at any rpm.  Changed out
> the (damn expensive!) voltage regulator, with no change in symptoms.
> Anyone have a clue? (FWIW, the console battery/charge light no longer
> functions either).

Corroded field exciter wire. Common failure point.
There's a small blue wire that goes to the back of the
alternator. This "charges" the alternator so it starts
producing current, sort of like priming a pump.

They often corrode from road salt and break. Pop the
back plastic cover off the alternator and take a look.
The corrosion is usually right at the spade lug that
connects to the alternator. A cut an inch off my wire,
crimped a new lug on, and voila.....


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