1983 audi 5000 turbo gas help

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Tue Nov 28 10:16:32 EST 2000

At 10:08 PM 11/27/00 -0500, you wrote:
>In the few messages I have received trying to help me sort out my problem,
>I noticed that apparently I am way less knowledgeable than ya'll.  Even
>though I first owned a 1975 Audi 100LS automatic fuel injected and now own
>a 1983 5000 turbo gas fuel injected, I have been able to take care of small
>maintenance and electrical problems.  I have never owned a turbo before,
>and do not really understand the operation of the turbo  with the engine.
>I have been told that this year model had an oil seal type and not a hard
>seal type.  As one of the listers asked me to check for a hose by the
>intercooler, I had to tell him I do not know what or where the intercooler
>is.  I do not know what a michelin man hose is.  Please answer my pleas for
>help in the most basic way as I am still learning about this car, even
>though I have owned it since 1989.  It has been parked because I do not
>want to have to do an engine rebuild by running it in the wrong condition.
>Thanks, Tex.

Hi again Tex,

Other qlisters are mistaking your type 43 5000 turbo as the later type 44 
5000 turbo.  Your engine/turbo system does not have an intercooler or the 
"Michelin" man hose (which is the hose that runs from the intercooler to 
the throttle valve).  The intercooler (think of it as an air radiator) is 
used to cool the compressed air from the turbo allowing a "denser" mixture 
to be stuffed into the engine cylinders, which reduces the tendency to 
knock.  Your engine has straight piping out of the turbo and into the 
throttle valve.  Because of this and the lack of any real boost control, 
the type 43 turbo engine is limited to 130HP using premium gas only.  The 
engine ignition is not electronic, but pretty conventional with standard 
vacuum advance.  The only electronic part is a idle stabilizer which is 
bypassed for normal tune up procedures.

Over boost control is limited by a pressure switch in series with the fuel 
pump relay's ground return.  I believe its fixed at 0.8 bar and is attached 
to the intake manifold.

The turbo itself is oil cooled only, so you should idle the car for a few 
minutes before shut down.


- Tony
lots of I-5 Audis

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