H&R springs, supa low

DeWitt Harrison de at aztek-eng.com
Tue Nov 28 11:25:10 EST 2000

I'm unconvinced that coil-overs in the front makes very much
sense in these cars, either, other than having greater choice
in spring rates due to the simple spring shape. IMHO,
front coil-overs in this situation tend to be cosmetic, pretty
much like grapefruit-shooter exhaust tips.

Cross weight tweaking can be had by doing adjustable spring
perches in the rear only - these are already configured
as "coil-over" setups from the factory. In addition to the possible
issues raised below, a coil-over spring orientation in the front end
points the spring thrust at a spot in the road well inboard of the
centers of the tire contact patches thereby placing a side or
bending load on the damper shafts. This translates to friction
and wear. Ever wonder why the engineers of McPhearson struts
cock the spring at an angle to the damper tubes?

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:23:25 -0500, Ameer Antar wrote:

 > [ ... ] I've only seen adjustable
 > coil-overs for the 5k for about a grand from 2Bennett, which includes
 > everything but the shocks. One thing about coil-overs is I've heard they
 > can be troublesome if not set exactly right. I heard they can be noisy,
 > slip, a pain to adjust, and cause other weird problems. Adjustable springs
 > sounds cool, but I'd rather have a fixed spring, and not have to worry
 > about problems. Any comments? [ ... ]

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