Help, new wheels scraping on '85 Coupe GT addendum:

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<< On closer inspection, it seems that the wheels are not centered on the 
 the driver side (american) rear wheel seems to protrude from the body a bid
 more than the passenger side.  Not sure how that happens, but clearly the
 case with my car.

Hmmm - interesting.  Car even in an accident?  I haven't had similar problems 
with my GT, and I've put some pretty large wheels on it - although not as 
big.  I've run (breifly) 15x7 ET35 225-50-15 GS-CS's, and my GT is lower than 
yours, I'm pretty sure.  I also run 15x6's on the street, ET45, and they fit 
well under the arches, and are very even in the rear (my fingers fit in 
between the tire and fender, since they're tucked.).  However, my dad's 924S 
body doesn't sit evenly on the chassis, and looks like it's tilted slightly 
from the rear, even though the suspension measures evenly, so it's possible 
that the car is twisted (and might have been so its entire existance.

Carter J
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