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Good to see someone else interested in rallying.  This sport is lacking
enthusiats in the US, but I can't imagine why...it's great.  Just about any
car can be used for rallying.  Obviously, some are much better suited than
others.  Audis have a rally heritage being the first with AWD and the kicked
ass.  (Audi Content).  Today, if you want to be in the top 5 nationally, you
need a very powerful AWD car.  It can be a as cheap or as expensive as you
like.  A used 2WD car can be had for about $3000.  I wouldn't plan on a top
finish however.  Entry fees are usually a couple of hundred bucks.  You
should have a trailer, tow rig and some people as a service crew.  The
expensive part comes in when you want compete in the national series as
there are 10 rallies and they are all across the US.  This takes big $$$ for
hotels, transportation, crews and don't forget, car repair!!  Check out
www.scca.org for tons of rally info.  All the rules and classes are
outlined.  You can also check out my site, which still under major
construction for links to a few good sites (
http://www.net1plus.com/users/adamb )

For right now, I participate as a rally marshall at Maine Forest Rally.
This is the only rally that is reasonably close for me to drive to.  I'm
still in college so the funds aren't there yet to commission a pro rally
car.  For the time being, I'm just a true enthusiast and do some
Time-Speed-Distance rallying for the practice of getting to know to use the
route book and the instructions as the principles are basically the same.

Hope this answers some of your questions.  If there is anything else you
think I might be able to answer, send a message.

Adam Brodeur
84 4ksq

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Does anyone have any info they could send me through email about getting
into rally racing? Like what types of cars are allowed in what series,
racing costs, general rules, whats a good way to get into all of this? I
would like to get into the grassroots type racing. I like both tarmac
and dirt rally. This would be all for the pure fun of racing and
enjoyment of the whole racing scene. Any info would be great. Thanks

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