urq digital dashes

Jason Stone jason_r_stone at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 07:21:32 EST 2000

> One option seems to be the Swiss dashboard - 
> it seems electrically compatible but has dials.

What to look at when the speedo is out then?

> Apparently digital dashes are illegal in
> Switzerland 


> but what can you expect from a country 
> that bans flushing toilets after 22:30 
> and sets decibel limits on cow bells?

Phil, Phil, Phil - get the facts straight!
You can't flush your toilet after 22:00!!! ;-)

screw it I say... I still flush it... I mean there are
some things you just don't want to wake up and see...

I say no more.  :)

'91 Audi S2
'97 GSXR600 (to go!)

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