Pantelis Giamarellos pantg at
Wed Nov 29 18:07:38 EST 2000

Per Lindgren wrote:

>The S2 was available as both Coupe, Sedan and Avant. The RS2 Avant was
>the ultimate S2, One could say that it was the racing version of the
>sports car, just as the S2 is the sports version of the family car.

A combination of the RS2 engine and peripherals (mainly the wonderful
PORSCHE brakes) in a Coupe bodyshell would have been the true racing
But it seems AUDI had a surplus of Avant bodies only.

Take care

P.S. On the other hand I am grateful to AUDI for giving it a station wagon
body. This way I still enjoy a fast car even with the baby, wife, mother,
mother in law in the car (not as bad as it sounds)

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