Eurolights - 100Q

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Wed Nov 29 11:17:44 EST 2000

Thanks Avi,

That must just be the way they are designed.  It seems they are dim, yet you
can see OK.  Then when you turn on the highs, the whole world lights up.

<My Bosch lights exhibit the same "dim" symptoms, must be a characteristic
the lights.  So are the Hellas BTW (I have both).  When I turn on my Cibie
driving or fogs the Euros look barely on!
I even use 80-100Watt Hella bulbs!
Take care,

<<I checked the lights and wiring out last night again.
The bulbs are Phillips 12V60/55W H4.
I re-aimed the lights.  A little better.  They still seem dim>>

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