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Wed Nov 29 17:59:13 EST 2000

> The S2 was available as both Coupe, Sedan and Avant. The RS2 Avant was
> the ultimate S2, One could say that it was the racing version of the
> sports car, just as the S2 is the sports version of the family car.

As a sedan?  Not here, I think.  The ABY engine only appears in the UK
in Avants and Coupes, as far as I know.

Audi has a history (and long may they continue) of producing performance
estate cars/Avants/wagons.  The RS4 follows the RS2 - my own Big Red Bus
is also no slouch.  And the ur-S4.

It's a niche.  Lots of people (including ovloV, DB and even BuMWiper)
produce performance estates.  None of the others, though, does the
complete package.

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