4ksq fuel problem

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Wed Nov 29 17:59:08 EST 2000

> A few days ago I smelled something burning while driving the car.  I popped
> the hood and there seemed to be smoke coming from the manifold, the smell
> smelled like burnt barbecue, so I figured a rodent crawled up there and died.
>  the next day I got the car out, drove a few miles and it died.  Popped the
> hood and there was smoke coming out of the fuel distributer.  Removed the
> intake boot and the airflow sensor plate was scorching hot, I actually burned
> the tip of my finger touching it.
> I waited a minute, and it started right up, drove it straight home, where it
> died again.

Fascinating.  I wonder if the one-way valve in the multi-way hose
adapter on the rear of the cam cover could be blocked?

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