Xenon retrofit in UrS6?

Ameer Antar ameer at snet.net
Wed Nov 29 15:10:36 EST 2000

I think the original post was about Xenon gas discharge lighting...much 
more expensive than those $20 bulbs....at least $700 a pair. Those $20 
bulbs are much like halogen but are filled w/ inert xenon gas. The 
difference between the xenon's and the xenon-wannabe's is the real xenon's 
actually 'burn' the gas, ie. no filament.

It's much like those hydrogen filled tubes you study in physics or 
something. A high voltage sets up an arc between two posts and the xenon 
atoms get excited, and emit light as the electrons drop to lower electron 
states. This provides much more light than what you get from a filament. 
Really the xenon around the filament only affects the wavelengths of light 
emitted from bulb, making it a bit whiter. The blue coating sometimes found 
on them helps filter out any red elements. Basically gas discharge setups 
are $700+, while filament types are far less. Let's be more specific about 
what kind of xenon light we're talking about, and there will be much less 


At 02:37 PM 11/29/2000 , you wrote:
>The latest Blaufergnuegen flyer that came in the mail showed a Xenon
>headlight "upgrade" kit for the S6, which includes Xenon bulbs by Narva of
>Germany and "european spec" glass lenses for a total of $249 U.S.  They
>claim a 30% improvement in brightness.  No wiring changes are required.
>I ended up buying just the Xenon bulbs 2 55-watt low beams ($19.95 a piece),
>2 65-watt high beams ($19.95 a piece), and 2 fog lights ($17.95 a piece) for
>my mom's S6.  I can't imagine new glass lenses making a big difference (the
>current ones are in perfect condition), but perhaps I am mistaken...
>Chris Darringer
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> > Subject: Xenon retrofit in UrS6?
> >
> > Has anyone tried this?  I saw a group buy on Audiworld for a xenon
> > kit and it made me wonder if this would work for the projector low beams
> > our S6.
> >
> > Any BTDT?
> >
> > thanks in advance!
> > Jeff

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