A6 2.7TQ impressions

Tim Sexton 5kcstq at codenet.net
Wed Nov 29 14:21:06 EST 2000

I know for a fact that my 87 5kcstq will outperform a new A6 2.7TQ.  If
you want outright performance out of an Audi,  I don't think one is best
served with a new one.  Save yourself about 50grand and buy an URS4,
URQ, 200 20v, or 10vTQ, sink 400 bucks into a chip mod, and go blow the
doors off of A6 2.7TQ's all day long.....  Unless, of course, one is
looking for more status than the older models impart.
Just my opinion.

Tim Sexton

91 V8 5speed
87 5kcstq
94 90cs quattro sport

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