A6 2.7TQ impressions

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Thu Nov 30 01:58:13 EST 2000

After comparing the numebrs at the German and US websites I found that the the
US spec car has a stronger engine and a shorter tranny. The US car has 250 hp,
the Euro has 230 hp. The US car does 0-60 in 6,0 and tops at 130 mph. The Euro
car does 0-62 in 7,3 and tops out at 152 mph. So the US car accelerates faster,
but has much lower top speed. All tweaked to fit different markets.... The US
market appreciates the acceleration, the German market appreciates the top

92 Cab 2.3

Rokas Reipa wrote:

> Also remember that the European A6 2.7t(sedan and avant) come with a
> less-powerful 235hp engine. For once, we Americans get the more powerful
> one.....That being said, it is entirely possible that a type44 tq can be
> made as fast/faster than a stock a6 2.7t. Just takes money....

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