ABS problem

Robert Myers rmyers at oak.total-web.net
Thu Nov 30 20:21:57 EST 2000

Hi Y'all,

Several times today and, so far, only today my "ABS off" light has come on 
in my '95 S6.  No recent work has been done which involved messing with the 
wheel speed sensors.  I did install my winter wheels and tires last Friday 
but this did not involve removing or even touching the wheel speed 
sensors.  When the light has been off the ABS system has functioned 
normally.  I didn't try it with the light on.

The problem has been intermittent.  The warning light comes on with no 
readily apparent cause then it goes out again with no readily apparent 
cause.  In my past experience with other Audis when this warning light 
comes on it has been a result of one or more wheel speed sensors being out 
of adjustment as a result of having been pulled and reinserted.  Nothing 
like this has been done to the car in the last several months.  New brake 
pads and rotors were installed some months ago but nothing since then.

Any suggestions?

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