Plastic Radiator Repair Question and Story (Medium Long)

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Mon Oct 2 04:32:49 EDT 2000

Mine broke off three months ago - quite irritating to say the least but it's
been on for at least 6000 km no problem.  In fact I just did a run to new
york city and back 1780km in 27 hours (stopped in for some business). I had
forgotten it broke until I just read your post.

1990 200TQ

> >snip
> >I guess I should be grateful that the car breaks when and
> >where it does.
> >But I am getting sick of constantly working on the thing.
> >
> >All this leads to a question.  Isn't there a fix for broken radiator
> >outlets?  Something like epoxying a neck in the remaining
> >stub?  Anybody
> >ever do this?  Anybody ever ride around for any length of
> >time with the hose
> >attached only to a 1 inch neck.  (I want to get the radiator
> >pressure tested
> >before I go to all the trouble of replacing it.)

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