changing o2 sensors-V6 motors at at
Mon Oct 2 09:51:56 EDT 2000

> Forgot to add that pulling the battery not only is
> safer, wipes the memory, but also resets the "learning
> curve" of the ECU back to its base values.

> I don't know if that is absolutely necessary, but it
> certainly can't hurt.  After all, the ECU started life
> at the Audi factory in a car with new o2 sensors.

We had one case of a 20V RR ur-quattro that had a defective inlet
air temperature sender.  The owner had it replaced but complained
that the car still didn't perform.  He took it back to the
(specialist!) dealer three times.  I met him at the Area K meeting
one day and he explained this.  I just pulled the ECU fuses,
whistled 'Dixie' (the recommended tune) for a minute and put
them back.  The car was transformed.

I have a letter from him framed on my office wall.

> For those with CIS and earlier, and non-lambda models,
> sorry for the BW.

No, still good advice for some CIS cars - notably the MAC14 MC-2
engine.  Non-volatile memories are not the sole preserve of

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