Anybody ever get the Blau high-flow throttle body for their 12v V6?

Ryan Hoitink rahoitink at
Mon Oct 2 14:47:00 EDT 2000

I have been considering doing this myself.  In conversation with Jim Blau,
he said that boring the throttle body actually produces a seat-of-the-pants
feeling of improvement.  I think it only slightly increases power, but
expands the powerband.  It would be nice to have something under 3200 rpm.
300 bones is a pretty big price, though, considering you do most of the work
yourself(r/r), and it requires your core. As with anything, several upgrades
multiply the imporvement.  I think I may do it sometime in the future, but
I'd do it myself, not pay 300 bucks for 20-30 minutes worth of work.


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Subject: Anybody ever get the Blau high-flow throttle body for their 12v

Has anybody ever used Blau's high flow throttle body conversion for their
12v V6?  I am seriously considering it for a bit more low end grunt.  Any
other manufacturers of such modifications besides Blau?  Does $300 for such
a mod seem out of line?  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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