UrQ G60 Conversion ??'s

Jon Archibald JArchibald at whpacific.com
Tue Oct 3 08:45:24 EDT 2000

 I found a great '88 5kcsq donor car and have already pulled all 4
calipers. My question for the dozens who have done this procedure is do
I also need to use different rotors and if so can I pull them from the
same 5kscq? For that matter is there anything else I should grab? I'm
sure the answer to this question will reveal itself when I take the car
apart, but I want to go back for the rest of the parts I need before
they disappear and I won't have time to dig into the switch for a few
weeks. If anyone has a procedure for this conversion that they can email
or have posted details on a webpage I would love to know about it. I
know its been discussed here many times before, but my limited
archive-searching prowess forces me to bring it to the list. 

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