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My experience with the D60A2s were alright. Not the greatest tire should you
be expecting and sort of 'sport' driving out of them. Fine in the dry, okay
in the wet, wore evenly, but I wouldn't attempt driving in any snow with
them (unless you like excitement!).

(Dunno what kinda weather you have where you are, but here in Toronto I've
always believed that one should have 'winter tires' in the winter.)

My favorite tires have been the Yokohama AVS Intermediates. Unfortunately,
they don't last as long as others, because of the soft compound, but they
stick nicely. I got 3 seasons out of my set, including two days at
Shannonville Speedway.

Other tires I've liked where the Dunlop D40m2s(now SP8000). Great in the wet
and dry, not as sticky at the Yokos, but lasted for a while. I'm not sure
how they would be for your application, because a friend got the same tires
for his Cougar XR7(a much heavier car) and absolutely hated them! so much
so, that he returned them for a set of Perrelli P6000(?!? a tire which I
thought wasn't up to standards. didn't like'em myself)

I have another friend who's bought 2 full sets of Toyo Proxis T1s and thinks
they're the best thing he's ever used. And he's gone through a bunch of
other manufactures, but stands by the Toyos.

Personally, I stay away from anything Goodyear(can't remember the last time
they had a good -year!?) and I find the nicer Michelins too pricey for me.
My rule of thumb is to have something 'Z' rated for the summer(I prefer the
softer compound, to longer lasting), and 'M+S' rated for the winter...
...but that's me.

Hope it helps,

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On Tue, 3 Oct 2000 Eric_R_Kissell at email.whirlpool.com wrote:

> >Dunlop D60A2 JLB.
> Wouldn't the Dunlop SP Sport 5000 for $64 or the Bridgestone 
> Potenza RE930 for $60 be better choices than the Dunlop D60A2 
> JLB for $51 in the M+S ("All-Season") rated performance tire 
> category? Albeit, the SP5000 and RE930 are about $10 more per 
> tire, but they are better tires too.

I've got the SP5000's on my car, and D60A2JLB on the wife's. For the
original poster, who said he drove "like your grandpa", I think the D60A2
is a great tire. I haven't heard but good things from listers, and bought
them on recommendation from a lister.  But honestly, them's all good
tahrs, anyway.  The SP5000's seem a little "greasy" in the wet, more so
than I like, but it just might be age on them.

> I have heard that the D60 can get "lumpy" even in the "A2 JLB" 
> version. I know my older D60 tires got lumpy. 

So far, no lumpiness on the wife's. And she has had 'em since Feb.
As always, YourMileageMayVary.

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