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Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
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 For me the main advantage isn't when I'm driving hard  (although I do like having the gasses vented as it does seem to help fade from pad gassing.

   But for me the advantage is when the car is not being driven hard and the brakes are stone cold and wet.  The rotor is still scraped dry by the pads and vice versa so when you hit the brakes, instant stopage, no car wash syndrome.  (hit brakes and keep going)

   So in answer to Rods question,  yes, the primary purpose is to outgass the gas vapors so they dont build up between rotor and pad.  But  a side benefit is that slotted rotors clean the pad.  Of dirt, grime, and Water.  YOu mentioned yourself about the flat wear surface.  Thats because it keeps the pad and rotor surfaces scraped clean.   This works for water as well.   Look at all the Rally cars.   There is a reason they run slotted and not drilled.  In mud and water it does help.  On the other hand, I've heard of at least one instance where a piece of pea gravel go stuck in a hole on a drilled rotor and destroyed the brakes.  OUCH.    Never heard of that with slotted though.  Yet.   

  Just sharing.  



  larry leung <l.leung at juno.com> wrote: 
Agreed, slotting or cross drilling is to relieve pad outgassing. However, the water issues seemed interesting, to say the least. And the slots/holes will also aid in water removal, no matter how little of it would be there on a hard driving car.


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Yep, to prevent pad outgassing from interfering with pad to rotor contact. An
added benefit on cross drilled rotors in which the drilling does not vent to
atmospere the slots allow for the gasses to, yet again, escape and help avoid a
pulsating sensation that can be felt through the pedal.

--- s4audinut at aol.com wrote:
> Please correct me if I am mistaken, but slots are on rotors to vent hot 
> gasses and promote a flat wear/friction surface; not provide a runoff gutter 
> for liquids. 
> Rod
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