Monkey Lads (TM) work on airplanes, too! (NAC)

cobram at cobram at
Wed Oct 4 18:59:56 EDT 2000

> Sheesh, and we thought WE had problems . . .
> Basically, they used duct tape to hold the propeller onto this guy's 
> airplane.

When I was into flying, I refused to buy an airplane unless I got an A&P
so I was "authorized" to do my own work, either that or deal with the
rules for "experimental" status.  Luckily never did either  as it's
cheaper to own a boat or get a second family than own a plane.   It gets
tragic sometimes,  watched a Piper Warrior burn up on the tarmac once,
during the annual they didn't put the battery cover back because the
battery was installed incorrectly.  The battery was under the rear seat,
same as Audi <--audi content alert,  and with people in the rear seat,
the seat armature shorted across the battery turning the back seat into
big resistance heater. 

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