CGT O2 sensor thanks, now lifter noise

Craig D. Niederst niederst at
Wed Oct 4 21:46:12 EDT 2000

Thanks to all who responded to my oxygen sensor query for the '86 CGT. I
wound up buying the 3 wire Bosch universal unit (good old #13913) for $35.99
at AutoZone, and spliced the heater wires to the socket on the harness that
is there for the heated sensor on the 4kq's. The idle is much better, and
hopefully the gas mileage will improve. On another note, I've read a few
posts here in the past that some lifter tap from the 5 cyl engines can be
"cured" or at least lessened with the proper oil weight and filter combo. In
the CGT, I have changed the oil twice so far, once w/ 10W30 oil and a
Deutsch filter, and the other with 20W50 oil and a Deutsch filter. Lifter
tap has been about the same after these changes. Although the Deutsch
filters were rated fairly well on the Mopar filter test, I have bought a few
Mann 719/5 filters ("generic" OEM equivalent) for future changes. What
weight of oil are members using in 5 cyl NA applications to minimize lifter
noise? TIA.

'92 100S (90k) mine
'86 CGT (190k) mine but bro's ride

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