2.7TT Lister Opinions

John Naitove naitove at bellatlantic.net
Wed Oct 4 22:20:21 EDT 2000

As well as a voided warrantly (boy-- that 3 years of free service adds up!)

TM wrote:

> Sorry, I missed the original post. My comments:
> The A6 2.7T is a great car. I don't own one (if I could, I would),
> but I've had the opportunity to drive a few, including an extended
> test drive (45 min. alone w/ the car).
> I drove the non-sport package car and was quite impressed. From what
> I've heard, the PSK sport package equipped cars are much better. I
> thought the suspension on the non-sport was too soft and floaty (but
> remember, I prefer a stiff ride and like my Bilstein Sports on my 5ktq).
> The brakes leave something to be desired as well- they are fine for one
> stop, but drive the car hard for 30 min.+ and the brakes start to fade.
> The HP2 brakes are not that impressive, IMHO.
> The 6 spd., for some reason, feels better in the A6 than the S4, but
> I don't know why, as the tranny is the same in both cars. Maybe the
> shifter linkage is different, I don't know, or the position relative
> to my driving position may be different.
> Bottom line- get the PSK sport package version (the sport seats are
> awesome, w/ power lumbar support) at the very minimum. My preference would
> be to then put some 17" or 18" wheels for 3 season use, keep the 16" wheels
> for snow tires, add a chip for 307hp, and look into an aftermarket exhaust
> system (better turbo spool-up and nicer sound) as well as saving up for
> some serious brakes (Porsche/Brembo, Alcon, AP).
> Regards,
> Taka
>   StevieK1 at aol.com wrote:
> My brother-in-law is looking at leasing the 2000 A6 2.7TT. I wondered if any
> owners out there have any comments about it, including what to look for at
> the dealer before you buy, lease lingo, BTDT's, etc. I understand the car is
> sickeningly awesome to drive!!
> Thanks,
> Steve K.
> 1990 V8Q
> 1990 100
> 1997 Chevy Suburban
> Rockville, MD

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