CGT O2 sensor thanks, now lifter noise

james accordino ssgacc at
Wed Oct 4 19:34:04 EDT 2000

--- "Craig D. Niederst" <niederst at> wrote:
> Although the Deutsch
> filters were rated fairly well on the Mopar filter
> test, I have bought a few
> Mann 719/5 filters ("generic" OEM equivalent) for
> future changes. What
> weight of oil are members using in 5 cyl NA
> applications to minimize lifter
> noise? TIA.

A coworker of the SO has an 86 5k that had horrible
lifter tap.  Shitty orange oil filter.  Ask what oil
he's using.  Some 10w30 trash.  Stuff looks like
coffee.  719/5 filter and 20w50 (summer weight)
Castrol GTX (personal dino favorite) solved it
instantly.  Comes back about 10k later, saying it's
tapping again.  Yeah, no sh*t!  I read on the list
that Marvel Mystery Oil worked good for this.  Dumped
a quart and drove for a half hour.  Another 719/5 and
some 10w40 GTX.  No tapping.  Sold him 5 more Mann
filters and told him when to change his oil.  No more
lifter complaints.  Although I don't think this will
work in all cases, alot of the noise is because cheap
filters have no or bad anti-drain back valves that
allow the oil to drain out of the lifters.  Also
varnish from cheap, wrong grade, or too infrequent
changes of oil contribute.  I think this is helped by
solvents that flush these out.  I think full synth. is
the best choice, but is expensive and removes deposits
more slowly than chemical flushes.

Jim Accordino
p.s.-I also read good things about the Deutsch
filters.  Saw the cut-open comparo.  Have used them
and been pleased.

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