92 100S - cd changer mounting ideas

Nitz Karl-GKN001 Karl.Nitz at motorola.com
Thu Oct 5 10:49:30 EDT 2000

I'm preparing to install an aftermarket cd changer (6disc) in my '92 100S.
I was wondering if anyone has found a trick location for one?  Also, where
did the OEM changer get mounted?  Under the read window tray?

I would prefer to have the changer available in the passenger area somehow,
but I haven't found a spot where it might fit.  With the power seats, there
is no room under the passenger seat for the changer (as I installed it in my
'89 GTI).  On my '95 Dodge Ram, the center front seat had enough room under
it that I mounted it there facing forward.  A very hand spot.

But in the 100, I haven't found the right spot yet.  The wells behind the
rear wheels aren't wide enough to fit the changer.  Above that area would be
fine, but there isn't a good way to attach it because the well is there :)
I'm trying to keep my luggage space as undisturbed as possible (I'm going to
need room for the amps and subwoofer when I get around to it, anyway).
Also, I've thought about above the glove box, but I haven't had the chance
to examine it enough.  My car doesn't have the passenger side airbag.

Any BTDT is appreciated.

Karl H. Nitz
'92 Audi 100S, 108k miles
'97 Chrysler Sebring LXi, 58k miles, wife's "German" car
'84 VW Jetta Diesel, 184k miles
'84 Honda VF1100S and '85 Honda VF500F

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