More disassembly fun(EM leak)

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Thu Oct 5 12:37:04 EDT 2000

Had my EM crack repaired last fall, three months ago it was sounding like a
truck again so I took of the IM and discovered - all bolts either loose or
finger tight! Having feared another crack, this was a relief to me.
Re-tightened them all and it's been purring ever since. Fortunately no
gasket or other damage. Took the opportunity to clean and paint the IM a
gloss black, looks great and feels MUCH faster now ;-)

Or maybe it was the fresh air duct I routed to the front grill after
removing that little intake trumpet thing.


1990 200TQ - 275,000 KM
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> >Sorry bout that.  3 yr. old likes pressing buttons.
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> >Anyway, more disassembly today.  Had an EM leak.
> >Started small, but had gotten like a truck lately.
> >Did the cyl. head about 10k ago.  EM got new gaskets,
> >correct studs, washers, nuts, etc.  Motor mount is
> >new, heat shield good, cool air hose in place.
> >Fearing the worst anyway.  Turns out that BOTH
> >fasteners (studs, nuts, everything including the
> >gasket) are gone from cyl. #5.  About 3k after I did
> >the head, I had a small exhaust tick.  #1 cylinder
> >studs had backed out.  Nuts were fast, but both studs
> >were loose in head.  I think I will install all the
> >studs with Loctite blue this time.  Never had this
> >happen before, except on small block Chevy with
> >headers.  I had to safety wire those on.  Anyone else
> >have new studs loosen from the head?
> >
> >Jim Accordino

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