"Better" is somewhat subjective

Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 5 16:09:04 EDT 2000

Hello, Theron,  Others,

>In better, lets see, where to start.

You doubtless do have a problem deciding where to start, but those of us
unafflicted with ADD know that the subject is what is "better" for a guy
who just purchased a GLX; not which model is capable of higher ultimate
preformance on a race track.

And while you and I know that it merely costs money to go fast, perhaps the
original poster is wondering how fast *his friend* can afford to go?
Perhaps his friend is interested in hauling his family around the streets,
that is often the case with folks who spring for the extra bux for the "top
of the line" model.

"Just piddling around town...," as you manly track-stud-muffins, might well
say.  That's what many people who purchase GLX type models often have in
mind ( I know I'm repeating myself, but you do have a problem staying
focused on the issue at hand, don't you?  Theron?  Hello?  Anybody home???)

And, while I may be merely Geezin' (again), I disremember the original
poster asking about ultimate performance on a race track.  In fact, as I
recall it, he was speaking of what a *nice* car the GLX was, not what a
track demon it was.  But you'll have to overlook that, with my failing
mind, I'm doubtless just remembering something that never happened.
Happens all the time, at my age... (sigh...)

But, just perhaps, as improbable as this sounds, the guy who paid the
freight is one of those not too rare individuals, who actually anticipate
deriving enjoyment from driving his car, even after it has accumulated over
60K miles.  Something that many of us find difficult when the instrument
glass starts to buzz constanty, as is so common in so many inline
4-cylinder powered VWs,  after about 60K miles.  That pesky ol' problem of
the impossibility of achieving balance in both primary and secondary
phases, with an inline-4.

(humongous snip happens here)

Given all the time you must spend reading magazines so that you will be
prepared to offer unsolicited advice about what the "better" choice might
be for anyone else, one suspects that you are probably unaware of the
recent advances in the treatment of ADD; but if, in the unlikely event that
you should find yourself with some time on your hands (in between providing
unsolicited advice to people about whom you know exactly squat, concerning
which automobile they - or their friends, as in the case in point -
*should* have purchased), you might profit from doing a web search on that

It might even cut down the number of times you encounter those embarassing
little children, pointing their stubby littel fingers at you and laughing

One of those "quality of life" things, doncha know...?

>That's what I term as better IMO.

I note, just in passing, the entirely appropriate omission of the letter
"H" from that acronym.

But tell me, Theron, old kumquat, whatever is such an automotove stud and
all-around performance guru as your own fine self, doing driving a V8 with
a slushbox?  Having owned both a '90 V8q slush and a '91 V8Q5, I can tell
you unequivocally that the two are so different in performance that it's
difficult to believe that only the running gear is different.  But don't
believe me, ask brother Dave Head, who *currently* has one of each.

Well, do write again when your busy schedule allows, it's been loads of fun!

yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart

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