"Better" is somewhat subjective

Theron J. Bliss tbliss at mestek.com
Thu Oct 5 17:27:14 EDT 2000

Ok, first of all, I didn't read your whole message, it's too damn long.
Secondly, I gave both sides of the story.  I mentioned if he wanted a cruise
car, go for the Vr-6, if you want performance, go for the 1.8t.  Thirdly, as you

"I know I'm repeating myself, but you do have a problem staying
focused on the issue at hand, don't you?  Theron?  Hello?  Anybody home???"

...What the hell are you talking about?  You are the one apparently "having a
problem staying focused on the issue at hand".  What is the issue?  I couldn't
decipher it in your rambling e-mail.   And yes, "with my failing mind, I'm
doubtless just remembering something that never happened".  I think so, because
you're making no sense.

I drive a V8, because I wanted the luxury, and the old fart car benefits (since
my second child is on the way), but I don't want an old fart car.  For the
luxury of it, it's a great performer.  And IMO, I wouldn't want a 5-speed in an
Audi V8.  It looses it's luxury feel.  That's what my Gti is for.

Theron J. Bliss

Unka Bart wrote:

> Hello, Theron,  Others,
> >In better, lets see, where to start.
> You doubtless do have a problem deciding where to start, but those of us
> unafflicted with ADD know that the subject is what is "better" for a guy
> who just purchased a GLX; not which model is capable of higher ultimate
> preformance on a race track.
> And while you and I know that it merely costs money to go fast, perhaps the
> original poster is wondering how fast *his friend* can afford to go?
> Perhaps his friend is interested in hauling his family around the streets,
> that is often the case with folks who spring for the extra bux for the "top
> of the line" model.
> "Just piddling around town...," as you manly track-stud-muffins, might well
> say.  That's what many people who purchase GLX type models often have in
> mind ( I know I'm repeating myself, but you do have a problem staying
> focused on the issue at hand, don't you?  Theron?  Hello?  Anybody home???)
> And, while I may be merely Geezin' (again), I disremember the original
> poster asking about ultimate performance on a race track.  In fact, as I
> recall it, he was speaking of what a *nice* car the GLX was, not what a
> track demon it was.  But you'll have to overlook that, with my failing
> mind, I'm doubtless just remembering something that never happened.
> Happens all the time, at my age... (sigh...)
> But, just perhaps, as improbable as this sounds, the guy who paid the
> freight is one of those not too rare individuals, who actually anticipate
> deriving enjoyment from driving his car, even after it has accumulated over
> 60K miles.  Something that many of us find difficult when the instrument
> glass starts to buzz constanty, as is so common in so many inline
> 4-cylinder powered VWs,  after about 60K miles.  That pesky ol' problem of
> the impossibility of achieving balance in both primary and secondary
> phases, with an inline-4.
> (humongous snip happens here)
> Given all the time you must spend reading magazines so that you will be
> prepared to offer unsolicited advice about what the "better" choice might
> be for anyone else, one suspects that you are probably unaware of the
> recent advances in the treatment of ADD; but if, in the unlikely event that
> you should find yourself with some time on your hands (in between providing
> unsolicited advice to people about whom you know exactly squat, concerning
> which automobile they - or their friends, as in the case in point -
> *should* have purchased), you might profit from doing a web search on that
> subject.
> It might even cut down the number of times you encounter those embarassing
> little children, pointing their stubby littel fingers at you and laughing
> merrily.
> One of those "quality of life" things, doncha know...?
> >That's what I term as better IMO.
> I note, just in passing, the entirely appropriate omission of the letter
> "H" from that acronym.
> But tell me, Theron, old kumquat, whatever is such an automotove stud and
> all-around performance guru as your own fine self, doing driving a V8 with
> a slushbox?  Having owned both a '90 V8q slush and a '91 V8Q5, I can tell
> you unequivocally that the two are so different in performance that it's
> difficult to believe that only the running gear is different.  But don't
> believe me, ask brother Dave Head, who *currently* has one of each.
> Well, do write again when your busy schedule allows, it's been loads of fun!
> yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart

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