ETKA lookup request (exhaust)

William Magliocco magliocc at
Thu Oct 5 18:55:09 EDT 2000

I'd like to ask someone who was lucky enough to get
the ETKA information to look up some exhaust related
items on my '93 100 (2.8l V6).

I'd like the following:

Bolt specs for cat->manifold flange bolts (no nuts
here, bolt into a threaded hold on the EMs)

Bolt/nut/washer specs for cat->exhaust flange
Bolt/nut/washer specs for left to right exhaust flange
(famous triple flange cat)
p/n and specs for those metal "donuts" that reside
inside the flanges.

We'll see just how good these
"" products are...they are
NOT ANSA/Bosal goods.  They appear to be made here in
the USA, and are using aluminum tubing sections to &
from the cat!  Any opins from the gallery on how long
these might last or will they melt ;)  Aluminum
exhaust parts are new to me.

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