Catalytic Converters

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All that I've seen in exhaust that even resembles aluminum is aluminized
steel.  I believe that this is what your converter sections are made of.  I
just replaced both of the cats on my car, and that's what they were.
Anyway, I STRONGLY encourage anyone buying new cats to consider ... You have to fill out a small request form, stating
what model/year/etc. you're looking for, but it's worth it.  They are
substantially cheaper than, and the service is very
good.  They got back to me within two days with a price that was $25 cheaper
per side, and an 800 number to call and order.  I believe that their parts
are all made in Canada, but the quality is very high, and fit could not have
been better.  They are based in CT, and shipping to WI only took about 3
days from when I ordered.  They actually had BOTH cats for my car (1992
100cs 5spd) in stock, which was unbelievable, since the 5-spd and auto trans
cars have very different cats.  Think about it.


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We'll see just how good these
"" products are...they are
NOT ANSA/Bosal goods.  They appear to be made here in
the USA, and are using aluminum tubing sections to &
from the cat!  Any opins from the gallery on how long
these might last or will they melt ;)  Aluminum
exhaust parts are new to me.

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