VDO Gauge offsetting rings?

Frederick Smith smitty at pcrealm.net
Thu Oct 5 23:32:09 EDT 2000

Hey Steve,
The angle rings are actually "dimmer rings" turned around or reversed.
result is a 12deg. angle. I have them on my urQ ABT panel. Since they
are really shades,the long part would go on top of the gauges, you have
to shorten one leg of the "U" shaped retainers to get a tight install.
In appreciation for all your urQ list efforts I will go out (in the
to my shop and get the VDO # for you. Be right back...................

OK I am back and the # is TAH-DAH......240 005 dimmer rings (set of 2).

Copy reads; Multi purpose, flexible black rings allow angular 
installation of gauges or can be reversed to be used as a dimmer - or
used together to do both! The lip angle is 12 degrees and a flat surface
is required for mounting 2 1/16" diameter gauges only. 

Enjoy Laguna this weekend 8-{

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