"Better" is somewhat subjective

Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 8 11:37:48 EDT 2000

>Boats have trannies?!?!?!

Ummmm, how, one wonders, might you suppose that they go backwards?

They all (the inboards, anyway) have "Forward" and "Perverse" gears.  Sure
they have trannies.  Heavy suckers, too.

BTW, my bus tranny, a Spicer 4-speed, is an interesting beastie.  There is
no separate position for Reverse.

Neither is there any provision for gear-synchronizers.  Learning to shift
is a race between the student's ability learn how to match gear-set speeds,
and the tranny's natural desire to self-destruct when the student doesn't
get the match exactly right.  But I digress...

And despite having four driven wheels, the bus, unlike Audis (he add, in a
transparently pathetic attempt to come up with list-relevance), it has no
driven wheels in the front.

Reverse, in a Spicer, is engaged by first engaging First gear, then
Pressing a solenoid switch on the dash, holding it down while shifting into
second.  Reverse is merely an idler on *Second* gear that reverses the
rotation of the output shaft.

Makes backing up (not to mention, *learning* to back up) a 35 foot, 27,000
lb vehicle another of those "interesting" exercises...

>I got yer. 'Av a good day, mate!

Ahhh... I shall.  Nothing is as sweet as being able to enlighten one's
brother, neh?


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