The prices in the Family Album

Jukka Majanen jiipm at
Sun Oct 8 21:43:57 EDT 2000

>> My [FA] (5.3)  for some reason announces the prices in GBP:s,
>> but are in DM:s. Like a fuel injector >200 Pounds! OK it was only
>> third part of it, what a relief;)
>Thanks for the info on unlocking the prices!  It isn't that clear to me that
>the prices are that useful ... I see a file date of 1997 ... but it is a
>data point.
>I'll bet that the reason the units are screwed up is that you declared the
>file as being english by having the "e" extension.  It probably assumes the
>prices are in the units appropriate for the version.  As long as this tidbit
>is known it should be easy to do the units conversion assuming DM ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)


I didn´t clear this, after a Finnish (like me) lister suggested me they´re DM:s.
I took 10 part prices and verified with the local dealer prices, they matched
in 15%! So they are pretty close to You in DM:s. 

j-pm        ´91cq

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