Blaupunkt CD head unit and non-Blaupunkt changer...

Gerard gerard at
Mon Oct 9 12:24:27 EDT 2000

Okay, I'm sorted on this one. After not finding any Blaupunkt changers
for some time and considering a harness change to run another brand of
changer, I spotted a A-071 changer for sale in the local classifieds in
the same week I made the posting to the q-list. Called the guy and went
over last night to look at it. It's 2 years old, was never installed to
the car they had at the time. Everything is new, down to the stick-on
mountings. Paid $123 for it. I think I'm sorted thus as it has every
cable I need for the Toronto head unit that I was going to buy. :) The
bonus of it all? Opened the box and part of the changer package was a
radio/rape Blaupunkt head unit, obviously with CD changer control. It's
a Blaupunkt Cleveland RCM127P. Anyone know what this goes for? I reckon
I can get some cash back for that as I have no need for it and it is
new. :)

I'm happy. :)

q-list info: 1989 200

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