90 Coupe steering vibration

Andrew Lundy fast928 at prodigy.net
Wed Oct 11 11:38:45 EDT 2000

Take a good look at your tranny!!  This probably isn't the cause of your
vibration.  BUT I hit a rock a few months back and then found out about a
month later that my tranny was bad!!  I caught the rock just right and it
broke my trans. filter and pushed the pan up into some important tranny
parts.  Took it to my mechanic after it started shifting bad.....he dropped
the pan to straighten it and it had metal shaving in it!!!

Give it a good look!!!!

Hope your luckier than I was!!!
Andrew Lundy
fast928 at prodigy.net
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Subject: 90 Coupe steering vibration

> After hitting a rock and ripping off the under engine
> protection plate - still to replace it - but I felt a
> vibration...
> so I got a wheel alignment and balance done - still
> there...
> what could it be?  it really only seemed to happen
> after this bump - and yet nothing looks damaged... the
> protection plate broke off but still protected the
> underneath from the bump - so sounds like something
> must've taken a shock or something?
> tie rod end?
> strut top bearings?
> what?? I really don't know where to start looking
> Thanks again all
> l8r
> Jase
> '91 Audi S2
> '97 GSXR600 (to go!)
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