92 100 serpentine tensioner

Tom Milanovic milant76 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 12 03:04:02 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I've got a 92 100 with 183,000 on the clock.  I did the major 60k service a 
month ago, replaced all the good stuff, timing belt, water pump, thermo, all 
fluids, plugs, filters, brake pads, hoses, serpentine belt, etc ., repaired 
the bad, p/s pump, cooling fan motors (2), and for good measures replaced 
and serviced wheel bearings, seals, light bulbs, wiper blades.  Winters are 
cold in chicago and not a particularly good time to work in the driveway.  I 
tried not to miss any detail, even replaced serpentine belt relay roller 
because it seemed like it was wabbly.  Everything was running smoothly until 
a chirping sound, at first faint, started coming from the engine bay.  In 
two days it was unbearable, like having engine static coming through your 
soundsystem at full blast, I press the gas, the engine goes wirrrrrr, I let 
go of gas, the noise stops, really anoying.
the culprit: worn, dried out roller bearing on serpentine belt 
tensioner/dampener.  Its the only part not replaced that is serviceable in 
the engine bay.  Now for the shock, two trusted local dealers say that the 
part is not availble seperate (the rolle), nor as a set with the 
tensioner/dampener, but rather a "kit" that includes a new belt, the 
tensioner/dampener, and the roller.  The "kit" costs $200.  I have a new 
belt, I have replaced all of the other rollers, or tensioners seperately (2 
for timing belt + 1 relay roller for serpentine belt).  All I want is the 
part thats bad, the roller on the tensioner/dampener, or the 
tensioner/dampener, part no. 078 903 133 E or F, hard to tell, but not the 
serpentine belt, mine is fine, thank you very much, but the dealers don't 
budge.  Has anyone experienced the same problem and if so is there any way 
to get just the tensioner/dampener, minus the "kit".  Or should I just 
swallow the $200 "kit" and say, "thank you sir, may I have another?

thanks all,

Tom Milanovic
1992 100
looking to make it to 250K
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