Nokia Hakka's ?

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I can't find anything at the tire discounter web sites describing the
different flavors of this snow tire. I have heard of Hakka-1, Hakka-10,
Hakka NRW, Hakka "Q"'s, and there are probably others.

I'd appreciate any opinions based on personal experience with the tires.
After all, I haven't tried winter tires yet and some of you have been snow
tiring for years.

I'd like to hear about the performance of unstudded Nokia Hakka's (any
flavor) on ice-coated traffic-packed snow, glare ice, and icy slush. I know
they will be incredible in deep snow. That isn't the problem.  Noise levels
at 60-70 are also of great interest.

Tried all the search engines and came up with nothing but stuff on Nokia
phones. I want to know about Hakka-1's and Hakka 10's, etc, and other
available choices.

Doyt Echelberger
87 5kcstq

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