Timmerman "Shrapnnel-Knobben" mod

Jörgen Karlsson jurg at pp.sbbs.se
Wed Oct 18 19:44:26 EDT 2000

> Few corrections. Zener's value is 4.3V, it is soldered between
> pins 1 and 5
> on the transducer (daughter) board  and it clamps boost, as ECU
> reads it, at
> about 1.35Bar. You can actually see 1.3-1.4 Bar on the in-dash gauge when
> auxiliary boost gauge shows 1.8Bar.

Sorry about that, I checked my notes and it was actually a 4.3v unit, but
after checking that my car cuts the fuel at around 4.9 volts I used a 4.7v
unit instead. The stock boost level here in sweden is 0.55 bar, the CR are
8.8 on my engine and the stock power are 182hp. On my car it seemed
beneficial to limit the reported boost at around .7bar. Standard cut is at

I didn't want to mention the exact pin numbers but I was going to mention
that both affected pins are in the 1 to five range. I think that someone
that can't identify a signal pin and a ground pin should not do the mod.

But we still haven't mentioned which one is the signal pin and which is
ground. Still some monkey lad protection as I see it.


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