Audis onTV

Tom Nas tnas at
Wed Oct 25 18:54:36 EDT 2000

"Bernard Littau" <bernardl at> wrote:

>Which Citroen was the one with the Ferrari engine?  I've seen one of those
>go, and it just might be able to keep ahead of an S8.

Not Ferrari, Maserati. The Citroen SM (apt name for most Citros, IMHO), V6 
version of the well-known Maser V8. Launched right in the middle of the 
'70s fuel crisis, therefore not a huge success.

Was zappin' past the usual load of cr*p on TV a couple of days ago and 
noticed a nice late-model silver 4k. Show was 'The new adventures of 
Superman'. No, not one of my usuals.


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