Oil Cooler Lines? (the hose clamp fix --long term)

Steinbru at vnet.ibm.com Steinbru at vnet.ibm.com
Thu Oct 26 12:54:29 EDT 2000

Ref:  Phil's note of Tue, 20 May 1997 12:57:29 -0400 (EDT) (attached)

Phil's solution may have had a lengthy road test by now ;-)

I just had the same problem on my '86 (at 168k), how have the
"two narrow hose clamps" held up longer term?  Anyone have a more
recent address for Phil?

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Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 12:57:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Angela Dupin <dupina at crisny.org>
Subject: Re: Oil Cooler Lines?

had same problem.  Solution: remove what was left of the rusted crimp end
and replace with two narrow hose clamps.....no leaks for 1 year now!


> > hi
> My 87 5000cstq has a leaky oil line.  The shorter line from the filter
> housing to the oil cooler is sweating on on transition joint from the
> tubing to the braided stainless steel.  I was wondering if anyone knew
> what type of fittings and their sizes these hoses use, as I am hoping
> to have a few lines fabricated.
> While I'm at it, I thought I might as well get replacements made for
> the other hoses in the engine compartment. I was wondering what
> types/sizes of fittings are used on the coolant lines to the turbo, as
> well as the various hydraulic lines...

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