Audi vs. Subaru sales(long)

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people like what they like, and most of the time it's because they don't
know any better...

I used to install pro audio and cellular products back in the day, and you
really get to know what cars are made of when you have to pull them apart
and put'em back together.

I could but a phone in any late model American car in under 15 minutes,
everything just pops off!(...I wouldn't be surprised if more people get
killed by their interior panels flying off in an accident, then the accident

The better cars like, MB...2 hours! (man they can really build a car...
..."hey look! screws and bolts holding things together, instead of
Velcro...what a novel idea!!!)Truly, one of the finest machines available.

Japanese cars... ...yeah, they're reliable...that's it. Thin as tin,
cheapest plastics used, clipped together... ...blah. But people swear by
them... ...fine, just don't come near me!(and don't make me sit in it, we'll
take my 14 year old Audi instead!)

I have a friend who just bought a brand new Subaru Impreza... ...I was
prepared to be imprezzed(ha-ha), 140hp, AWD... ...but yet again,
disappointment. Crappy plastic interior, yuck... ...and the stereo bites,
$23k cdn...could've bought a VW instead.

(I still think she should've saved $20k and bought a nice used Saab, like
she was originally planning... ...I don't talk people into buying
German/European cars anymore, because I don't want to be held responsible
should something go wrong. Happened once with a friend who bought a VW
Cabriolet...the car was fine, it's the place she took it to have it
serviced, they were incompetent...but she now blames VW...and bought a Ford

If you can sit in a car, and not be able to tell the difference between fine
materials, and 'bottom-of-the-barrel' stuff, you deserve to have a
P.O.S.(IMHO), but I'm the one that's going to be walking away from the
accident, sorry.

(okay, I'm be'n an ass. I just feel pretty strongly about certain things,
and the car market is a biggy... if I could only 'bitch slap' "The
Big Three"...)

1986 4000s

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I wondered aloud before if Subaru would begin losing sales as it's cars go
 There are two reasons why I think that.  First, the person who wants to
spend $16-20K
may no longer be able to afford them.  Second, if you are going to spend
then just buy the Audi, and you will have a better car.  My Mom (I still
love her
anyway) just went out and bought her third Subie.  This one is a '00
Outback, loaded
to the gills.  Really nice car, but she paid $26.5K and this is a typical
price for
this car.  Last time I checked, I could buy an A4 Avant (quattro std.) for
like $28K out the door.
I'll be the first to admit that Japan builds some great cars (quality wise),
they just don't feel like German cars.  For a couple thousand dollars,
theres no
question the Audi is a better value (to me anyway).  
It also seems like people have this notion that German cars are really
 Some are.  But in the last few years, the prices of all the rest have
caught up
to the Germans.  By way of comparison, they really aren't overpriced.

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