speedo for 86-87 4kq?

Luke Rickert rickert at engr.orst.edu
Sat Oct 28 12:22:06 EDT 2000

I went out "junkyarding" yesterday to find among other things a
functioning speedometer form my 87 4kq, despite the large number of junk
yards around and the propensity audis this age have to end up in them, I
couldn't find a single car :(  does anyone out there have an extra
speedo/odometer unit sitting around? I know that I can order one from
the local sleaze-bag junkyard, but I would prefer to avoid it.  I don't
really care about the odometer, it would just be nice to know how fast I
am going without calculating it from the tachometer. 


Luke Rickert
Corvallis Oregon

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