Wheel bearings...

Orin Eman orin at WOLFENET.com
Sat Oct 28 16:48:25 EDT 2000

> if they have split inners the bearing is not loaded
> until it's tightened up and so will (can) move about
> in all directions....but even then there should be no
> roughness
> having read the original post i am more concerned
> about the lack of circlips

You shouldn't be able to see a circlip on the later type 44.
The bearing rests against a shoulder in the strut on the
inner side.  There is a circlip on the outer side, but that is
hidden behind the hub.

The bearing does have a split inner, but the hub is pushed
into both halves... There shouldn't be much play.

In this case, it does sound likely that the hub was pressed on
without supporting the inner race properly.


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