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>1) My transmission (auto) doesn't shift with a silkiness that one would
>expect from a car that is otherwise so refined. No major clunking or
>abruptness...just a little jerky.

Normal.  BUT, Audi auto boxes - until very recently (5-sp tip) were 
not that great.  Also not that durable.  Change the fluid (synthetic 
preferred) frequently.

### I can only quote my experience with the 5-speed, but IMO it may be a bit
unfair to lump the V8's transaxle with some of the older Audi boxes ... it
has the same ZF internals used by BMW. ###

>2) There's a hole in the muffler
>  - and I've been told that the V8 has a one
>piece exhaust system. Can the hole be patched? If I have to replace the
>whole system, should I consider one of the performance enhancing [low

### The system is definitely not one piece (you have to remove a section to
be able to access the prop shaft) but it does use a somewhat unusual dual
pipes into single muffler arrangement.  I don't know anything about prices,
but if I were shopping for an exhaust I would at least check with Carlsen or
some other dealer that gives good discounts on the Audi parts as a
replacement from Audi would be lkifetime warrantied ###

>4) How do I know if I have "UFO" brakes? If I do, should I do anything

They are inboard, not in the wheel.  Not if they work.

### This is actually why I replied ... this info is incorrect!  The V8s came
stock with internal caliper, not inboard brakes!  The rotor and caliper are
still mounted at the wheel.  You should be able to tell if the car still has
the UFOs even with the wheels on the car.  If you look through the holes in
the wheel to see what is underneath ... if you can clearly see the rotor you
do not have UFOs ... the first time I saw a car with UFOs it looked like the
BBS wheels were simply hubcaps over a cheap steel wheel.  Instead of the
rotor you'd notice a black piece of stamped steel with small round holes
around the periphery with the UFOs.  

While a lot of people may tell you to get rid of the UFOs, my recommendation
is to keep them as long as they are working properly.  The UFO brakes do
actually provide improved braking over "conventional" brakes.  When it comes
time for new rotors or if there are any problems then you may want to
consider replacing them ... ###

>5) The aftermarket chip replacements sound like a nifty upgrade - 10%
HP for
>a couple of Ben Franklins. Would any of you advise such a thing?

### Some people have reported that the chips smooth out some of the surging
of the engine too.  If you are interested I'd recommend that you shop around
and find out what all of the claimed improvements of each are, and see if
there is any way you can get references for people who have the chip
installed in their car. 

BTW, there is a list for V8 owners which you may want to coinsider joining.
Let me know and I'll give you more info (I don't have it handy from this
computer ... ) ###

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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