5000 CSQT engine bogs under hard acceleration

Magna Ryder magna88 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 14:18:01 EDT 2000

This question is for all the Audi gods out there...

Here's the problem.  The car starts and runs normally
until the throttle is opened up.  When pressing down
hard on the accelerator, the car engine bogs down
noticeably and light black-brownish smoke rolls out of
the tailpipe.  (Indicating a rich mixture, I
think...)The bar display indicates 1.0.  Any ideas as
to the culprit?  Also, would this problem have
anything to do with the car randomly dying while

Oh, and just a side question...  What is the black
plastic duct which sits on top of the valve cover and
appears to direct warm air into a box on the driver's
side of the engine compartment?  Does it serve a
useful purpose?  And if not, can I remove it?

'86 5000CS QT - (which occasionally runs like a champ)

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