Just bought a '91 100; some questions

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Sun Sep 3 00:44:37 EDT 2000

I have the exact car you have and know your pain.  Mine was neglected for 
quite some time.  I hope yours is better.

My first suggestion is to get yourself a set of Bentley manuals for your car. 
 They will save you alot with repairs.  You'll be able to trace your gas 
gauge problem easier.  

As for the radio, what goes out is the volume knob.  Get yourself another 
Blaupunkt radio to replace it with and you'll be ok.  But beware of the white 
wire with blue stripe coming out of the back of the radio.  Do not connect it 
to the new radio or any power source.  It is a speed input that will screw 
with the computer and cause all sorts of fun.  That little problem cost me 
about a grand before I found it.

Check out the timing belt.  Make sure its been changed before.  They 
recommend every 60K.  Unfortunetely its something that requires a special 
tool and total disassembly of the front bumper.  My mechanic charges $200 
plus parts.

If you need some direct help, feel free to email me directly.

91 100 non-Q

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jfantus at softhome.net writes:

<< Hi, I just joined this list because I bought a used 1991 Audi 100 (non
 quattro or turbo) a couple of days ago. Not a bad deal, $3300 with all
 options except the winter package (heated seats, etc.) but who cares about
 that here in Georgia, hehe. Even had the factory 6-disc changer. With 100k
 miles exactly (low mileage for the Atlanta area, hard to find any cars under
 150k or so for a decent price). Seems like its in nice shape, see quite a
 few new hoses/wires/parts under the hood and the body is perfect. Leather
 drivers seat has a LOT of wear in it but that's not my concern :P
 The automatic transmission (I've read the list archives, seems as if its
 horribly unreliable!) is a bit jerky in city driving as it goes from 2nd to
 3rd and then up into 4th (not overly so, but you certainly can feel it.) but
 I have read that it is just how it works in this car, especially the 4spd.
 tranny. Other than that, only problems I have a question about are:
 1. The fuel gage doesn't seem to work. When I bought it the gauge was
 working fine, the gas was just in the red!! (common used car dealer stuff.)
 So I went and filled it up, worked fine then too. Decide to take a drive to
 the nearest mall for some shopping and a longer test drive, and on my way
 back (was dark, turned on lights) the car died in the street! Was able to
 get it started back and drive home, however. Just kept my foot on the gas a
 bit. But after that event the fuel gage sit's right on empty now. Any ideas?
 Might be connected to this one :
 2. Radio doesn't work. Have also read in the archives that the delta radio
 has been known to crap out before. I was able to get it on for about 5
 minutes driving to the mall, after putting in the correct radio code
 (surprise surprise, a used car that had all books and manuals, no records
 though....was a local 1 owner trade at a Honda dealer, and they even tried
 to sell it on their overpriced used lot. Didnt sell I suppose so it was
 bought by a used dealer about 5 miles down the road.) it shortly turned
 itself off. Seems to sound really nice, though, heh.
 I think some of the above may be due to the original alternator being in the
 car (checked battery, it's good, funky place to put it though!) and reading
 some things that say the brushes go south at 100k. Voltmeter is at about 14,
 though. The car I had before this (a 1989 Oldsmobile 98 Touring Sedan, same
 price range but doesnt compare to this Audi, still a nice car anyways!) had
 the alternator die on the road and the same stuff happened (car runs really
 quiet, doesnt have as much power as it should, etc.)
 There are NO leaks, fluid levels are all good and the fluids look good, too.
 Previous owner seems to have done lots of regular maintenance on the car, at
 Audi dealerships or just somewhere as all the newer parts are still factory
 Audi ones. Electrical problems maybe? or just some unconnected niggles? >>

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