V8 FS in Germany, more Ingolstadt tidbits

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Tue Sep 5 01:09:30 EDT 2000

Hi all,

We drooled over this one while in Ingolstadt, FS on a garage forecourt. 
Probably prohibitively expensive to import...

93 V8 4.2 6-speed manual
Black metallic
18" Borbets
Programmable block heater
Electric everything
DM 14.500 asking price - super cheap in my opinion.

Only downside was that it lacked leather (upholstery was velour) but 
barring a minor rear bumper scrape it was in excellent condition. The 
Borbets aren't my cup of tea, but they can be changed easily. Cool car, but 
too expensive to import into Holland where an age-related percentage of the 
original 30% new-car tax is levied on imports. Hmmmm... I've photographed 
car and spec sheet, I'll get my pics developed and printed ASAP.

On a somewhat related note- I got one of the 200 limited-edition 1:43 UrQ 
scale models with the '20 years of quattro' legend on the box while at the 
event, but didn't have the time to take a closer look at it until now. It 
turns out that this is the Minichamps UrQ model I'd never seen before... 
much better made than the DetailCars model, and with the correct early 
(narrow) wheels. A great addition for the collection, as are the A2, 
allroad and RS4 models.


PS I had the pleasure of piloting a friend's 85 200 Avant q on the 
Autobahns for an extended period of time and was amazed what this car can 
do. 170 hp, but 240 kmh is a definite possibility. At those speeds it feels 
totally stable, with acceptable noise levels and excellent brakes. What an 
excellent package, and 10 l/100 km at 150 kmh is absolutely incredible. And 
after two hours' driving at 180+, you get out feeling totally relaxed. On 
the twisty Bavarian roads, it was fun to throw around turns like a much 
smaller car. 

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