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If you are talking about the O-rings that seal of the little green box on
the side of the fuel distriibutor, any local VW/AUDI european mechanic
should know where to find the part number.  If you just want the rings, any
junkyard with VW/Audi will probably just give them to you.  They are all the
same and the green orings inside the little green box shouldn't deteriorate
to badly on used ones, but if you're talking about the red gaskets that go
on the lines out of the distributor itself, you should get new ones.  A bad
seal here can lead to reduced fuel pressure and a rough running engine due
to poor mixture.

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> Hey all.. I was troubleshooting a no-start problem on my 86 5ks and i
> disconnected a part (Bosch 2437020005) located in the hood by the
> passenger side headlight (connected to where all the gaslines to the
> injectors go.)
> Anyways, there were two rubber washers (very small) and one of them has
> gotten lost.. does anyone know the audi p/n for that missing washer? (I
> believe it was red -- the one that I am holding is green.)
> Thanks!
> -Andrew S.
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